The Geography of Cyberspace

Visual Essay
Text, Layout, Design and Typography

  We often think of Cyberspace as our digital frontier, a virtual land, a different plane of reality. We do not consider Cyberspace to be something physical. Terms like ‘wireless’ and ‘cloud’ help with the implication of Cyberspace as something invisible, untouchable and magical. It distances us from it and therefore inhabits us from fully grasping the concept. 

    The truth is that Cyberspace is a very physical place. It has a massive and complex infrastructure, it is an industrial sized operation located on the fringes of our inhabited spaces. The roots of Cyberspace are very much cemented in our physical earth, more importantly it has a very real imact on our physical earth. 

    This speculative visual essay tries to give Cyberspace a new shape and identity linked to physical geography, real world sediments and technologic objects. 

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