In the Process of Becoming Something Else Entirely

In The Process Of Becoming Something Else Entirely explores a series of prototypes for fictional bodies. It presents an assemblage of body parts in the process of becoming imperceptible. Through contortion and mutation, these new creatures reflect both the beauty and the terror of what it means to be othered. In The Process Of Becoming Something Else Entirely proposes to see the out-of-place not as a place of alienation, but as a place of possibility.    

NVDP sees fiction as a vehicle to queer the body. NVDP utilizes their experience as a non-binary gender-queer entity, and their love for the fictional territories of body horror, RPGs, and sci-fi, as a means to (de)construct and imagine different physical potentialities and subvert the notion of a ‘normal’, ‘attractive’ or ‘legible’ body.

Soundscape design by Mits
Voice design by Radvlad
Mixing & Mastering by Radvlad