Assorted Event Announcements
Design, 3D Rendering, Layout and Typography
2019 – 2020

   1.     Poster for the lecture by Paradyme given at the University of Arts Utrecht (HKU). This lecture was hosted by myself in collaboration with the graphic design department.

    2.     Visual Identity for Bring Your Own Beamer, the 2019 edition. Commissioned project. The aesthetic chosen this year is inspired by post-internet culture, industrial music, ebm aesthetics, techno, video game title screens and my own interpretation of audio/visual language.

    3.    Identity for the ‘De-Center Re-Center’ exposition hosted by the 3rd year graphic design students of the University of Arts Utrecht. 

    The exposition was hosted around the theme of Human Uncentered Design. Where 30 young graphic designers took it upon us to explore what human uncentered design would look, sound or feel like.

    Concept & Design in collaboration with Robbert van Binsbergen and Ruben Gijselhart. Items included posters, flyers, handouts, online deliverables and totebags.

Posters and header for the Paradyme lecture at HKU, 2020

Flyers for the Bring Your Own Beamer event, 2019

Still from Bring Your Own Beamer animation, 2019

Posters for De–Center Re–Center expo, as part of the identity, 2020
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