→ Exposition

Testimonies Of Change
The Grey Space in the Middle
The Hague
12.04.2023 – 15.04.2023

Exposure Graduation Show
23.06.2023 – 26.06.2023

→ Published

Fake Issue #2 – 120AMERICA

The Oxford Climate Review, Issue #9
Autumn 2023

→ Education

Master Non Linear Narrative
KABK – Royal Academy of Arts The Hague
2022 – Now

Bachelor of Design
HKU – University of Arts Utrecht
2017 – 2021

MBO 4 Graphic Design
Deltion College Zwolle
2014 – 2017

→ Experience

Mutant Modality
Creative Director
2023 – Now

Oxys Studio
2022 – Now

→ Internships

S†ëfan Schafer
Research & Design
Amsterdam West
04.2020 – 07.2020

→ Presentations, Talks, Workshops

Co-Host Workshop
Hackers & Designers
Smart Spectral Sensing 
NDSM Amsterdam Noord


The design methodology employed by the practice of non-binary designer NVDP (they / them) is fundamentally rooted in gender theory,  ecology, science fiction, poetry, body horror and digital culture.  Working through these lenses, they attempt to build parts of a world that capture fractured realities, alternative ways of existing, fluid identities, body autonomy, symbiotic environments and other speculative phenomena.  

For them, design serves as a dual-purpose medium, functioning both as a visual expression and a means of storytelling. They work with editorial design, print making, 3D sculpting and installation as a way to assemble, create, deconstruct and transform the way we navigate and understand our contemporary realities.