→ Exposition

Testimonies Of Change
The Grey Space in the Middle
The Hague
12.04.2023 – 15.04.2023

Exposure Graduation Show
23.06.2023 – 26.06.2023

→ Published

Fake Issue #2 – 120AMERICA
Winter 2023

The Oxford Climate Review, Issue #9
Autumn 2023

→ Education

Master Non Linear Narrative
KABK – Royal Academy of Arts The Hague
2022 – Now

Bachelor of Design
HKU – University of Arts Utrecht
2017 – 2021

MBO 4 Graphic Design
Deltion College Zwolle
2014 – 2017

→ Experience

Mutant Modality
Creative Director
2023 – Now

Oxys Studio
2022 – Now

→ Internships

S†ëfan Schafer
Research & Design
Amsterdam West
04.2020 – 07.2020

→ Presentations, Talks, Workshops

Co-Host Workshop
Hackers & Designers
Smart Spectral Sensing 
NDSM Amsterdam Noord


NVDP (they / them) is a designer and researcher, with a practice rooted in  gender and queer theory, science fiction, body horror and digital culture that spans across multiple mediums such as graphic design, 3D visuals, 3D sculptures and installation.

Their work questions the line between reality and fiction as their abstract, chimeric, xeno shapes, characters, prosthetics, limbs and extensions speculate on different potential physicalities and embodiments.  

In the Process of Becoming Something Else Entirely

In The Process Of Becoming Something Else Entirely explores a series of prototypes for fictional bodies. It presents an assemblage of body parts in the process of becoming imperceptible. Through contortion and mutation, these new creatures reflect both the beauty and the terror of what it means to be othered. In The Process Of Becoming Something Else Entirely proposes to see the out-of-place not as a place of alienation, but as a place of possibility.    

NVDP sees fiction as a vehicle to queer the body. NVDP utilizes their experience as a non-binary gender-queer entity, and their love for the fictional territories of body horror, RPGs, and sci-fi, as a means to (de)construct and imagine different physical potentialities and subvert the notion of a ‘normal’, ‘attractive’ or ‘legible’ body.

Soundscape design by Mits
Voice design by Radvlad
Mixing & Mastering by Radvlad


Transcendental Shores – Post-Human Poetry 

'Transcendental Shores' is a collection of speculative poems that focus on a post-human, non–binary future and functions as a manifest to reconceive what it means to be human.

The poems are co-written with an algorithmic language model.


Mutant Modality

Visual work as part of my duties as creative head of Brussel based music label and platform Mutant Modality.

Mutant Modality is a platform and music label exploring strange and cathartic forms of artistic expression, operating across experimental and dancefloor music.

Co-run with Jean Grünewald, better known as music producer Ottoman Grüw.
2023 – 2024

Collaborative garments with DOOM3K. 

DOOM3K is a Polish based eco friendly, body positive, poli gender, alt fashion post-wear brand.   

This collection is based around the concept of Crust Punk meets Rave meets Y2K on Steroids.

Slow Fashion yet Fast Aesthetics
2021 – 2022